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A Mom & Sons Journey With Autism 

My Ability Is Stronger Than MY Disability 

Journey Through Seth's Eyes is founded by Nicole Lee. The mission of this organization is to help special needs families (parents &children) 

internationally with education,

 resources, workshops, 

community outreach, 

consultation, housing, advocacy & other wrap around services. 

Nicole Lee Started in her special needs journey.  when Seth began early  intervention programs and started her small business as a Day care provider. The day care was geared towards special needs children.

Nicole became a parent

 advocate in the year of 2010 and has specialized in child & adult care services. JTSE has won community grants to help fund and spread advocacy


 JTSe offers parent workshops on various topics and have expanded to media platforms such as podcasting & blogging. To spread the message to the mass. Nicole Lee takes pride in empowering and educating 


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